There’s something about Cali…

This week’s post is coming from the great state of Texas. I’m here visiting one of my best friends, whom after years of going through her own “What about him God?” situations, is now happily married with two boys. Her husband said before meeting her, he made up his mind he was seeking a Christian woman. He found her on MySpace. They met and “that was it.” Easy. He let her know she was what he wanted, and he was what she wanted. 

The trip here reminded me of an interesting phenomenon I’ve observed. Whenever I travel, whether it be within the US or abroad, it seems like men ask me out quickly and easily- sometimes while I’m still in the airport. I’m not saying they’re all actually worth dating, but it’s interesting that I can be asked out within a day outside of California, but can go months or years without it happening inside of California.

I love being born and raised in Cali, but is there something about geography that makes men less likely to ask one out there? Are men more picky because of Hollywood? Is the high standard of beauty making them have more options because so many women are so beautiful? Is the laid-back culture making them less likely to be pursuers?

One of my early psych classes talked about the “Exotic becomes Erotic” theory. Basically it says when it comes to interpersonal attraction, people were more likely to desire those who seem different from them- like “opposites attract.” Could there be something that gives the signal ‘she’s not from here’ that is noticeable in a quick and positive way when outside of California that men are attracted to? Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

Reversing it, it does seem that Californians enjoy outsiders when it comes to dating. I’ve heard a lot of “I like him because he’s from the Midwest and has Midwest values” or “She’s so European.” With such comments it seems like people are trying to say the “outsider” doesn’t bring the same drama and BS that we all get used to within our normal circles. Maybe our brains tell us an “outsider” will be different and better, even though we all know the grass isn’t necessarily greener?

We’ll see how it goes this weekend. Going to a rodeo tomorrow! Ye-haw!

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